And the winner is...Seabiscuit Ranch®!

The tradition of Seabiscuit lives! Like the namesake, Seabiscuit Ranch Chardonnay and Merlot are sleek, spirited, and styled to win legions of admirers.

Time honored traditions have been used in the creation of Seabiscuit Ranch Wines. These distinguished varietal wines are harvested from award-winning hillside vineyards, then master-crafted and cellared to perfection. This new brand's stylishly dynamic packaging is equally irresistible.

Seabiscuit Ranch Chardonnay
Delightfully crisp, rich and sophisticated.
Fermented in small oak barrels with sur-lies aging.

Seabiscuit Ranch Merlot
Smooth and inviting fruit foward style.
Sixteen months aging in small oak barrels.

Seabiscuit Ranch Superfecta
Soft tannins in a rich, fruit forward style with a hint of oak.